Pine Forest United Methodist Church is committed to providing an outreach ministry through athletics to kids and adults.

The PFUMC Athletics Mission is to help the kids develop a love of the game and create an environment that leads to them wanting to continue playing the sport they are participating in. We offer T-Ball, Children’s Basketball, and Adult Basketball. There is always something going on at Pine Forest!

Realities of Tee-Ball

  • It’s not baseball.
  • Kids can’t catch.
  • Kids will find interests other than baseball during practice (and games).

Three Primary Goals for the Tee-Ball Season

  1. The kids learn that their legs power their bodies; that moving their feet is the key to playing in the field and that controlling head movement is a big factor in successfully hitting and throwing a ball.
  2. They come to recognize that “Baseball is a Game of Movement.” On defense when they are not playing the ball they have to cover a base. They always move somewhere the moment the ball is put into play.
  3. They remain active and having fun at all times that they are on the field (especially during practices, which always conclude with a scrimmage). We want them to leave the field each day having had a blast. And at the end of the season express a desire to play again next season.

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PFUMC Athletics Registration Links

2017 Children’s Basketball Online Registration and Payment

2017 Adult Basketball  Team Online Registration and Payment (Includes a Reversible Jersey)

2017 Adult Basketball Team Online Registration and Payment (No uniform)

2017 Adult Basketball Online Individual Registration and Payment

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